We provide a wide range of aerial services, whether it is a business transfer, a medical emergency flight, aerial filming and photography, or a scenic view tour. Our helicopter and airplane fleet is ready to suit your needs.


Aerotour provides a complete series of services:

  • Charter
  • Special occasions (engagement / celebrations)
  • Corporative Services
  • Aerial filming and photography (movies, TV, advertising agencies)
  • Aerial survey, real estate, mapping and urban planning
  • Aerial advertising
  • External load
  • Medical transfers
  • Rescue
  • Consulting Services
  • Aircraft management
  • Aircraft maintenance (we have our own service center certified by Costa Rican and U.S aeronautic authorities)
  • Heliports Construction Consulting
  • Helicopter & Airplane Sales

Some of our clients who did aerial filming

Additional Services

robinson service center costa rica

Authorized Robinson Dealer and Service Center


other aerotour services

Rotor Wing and Fix Wing School since 1970.


costa rica helicopters repair shop

Certified Aviation Maintenance Center.


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