Aerotour provides a complete range of aerial services

As the leading provider of helicopter air charter services in Costa Rica, our expertise lies in delivering top-notch  aerial services, including airplane and helicopter charter flights and tours, making special occasions such as engagements and celebrations truly memorable.

Discover an array of exceptional aerial services!

From seamless business transfers to captivating aerial filming and photography, or even unforgettable scenic tours, we cater to diverse needs. Our versatile fleet of helicopters and airplanes is ready to accommodate your requirements, ensuring unparalleled experiences. As the leading provider of helicopter air charter services in Costa Rica, we specialize in:

  • Airplane and Helicopter Charter Flights and Tours in Costa Rica
  • Special occasions (engagement / celebrations)
  • Corporative Aerial Services
  • Aerial filming and photography (movies, TV, advertising agencies)
  • Aerial survey, LIDAR, real estate, mapping and urban planning
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Other services

Additionally, we offer a range of other valuable services, including consulting:

  • Heliport construction consultancy
  • Airport construction consultancy
  • Advice to obtain CO / COA certificates
  • Sale of helicopters and airplanes
  • Aircraft management (Procedures with DGAC, Ministry of Finance (Ministerio de Hacienda), National registry (Registro Nacional) and STC)
  • Aircraft maintenance (we have our own service center certified by the Costa Rican authorities)

Ready to experience the thrill and wonder of our exceptional aerial services?

Look no further! Whether it's a scenic flight, corporate charter, or aerial filming, Aerotour has the perfect solution for you. Our versatile fleet of helicopters and airplanes awaits, ready to whisk you away to new heights.

To start planning your unforgettable journey, simply visit our Contact Us page to get in touch with our friendly team of experts. We'll work closely with you to customize your experience and ensure every detail is taken care of.

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Additional services

Authorized Robinson Dealer and Service Center
Rotor Wing and Fix Wing School since 1970.
Certified Aviation Maintenance Center.