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Aerotour, a leading Costa Rican company established in 1973, embodies the essence of our friendly nation through our exceptional services. As a pioneer in the aeronautical field, we have earned the esteemed reputation of being a leader  in the industry.

With a commitment to safetyquality, and excellence, we offer a diverse range of national and international services to cater to the ever-growing market demands across commercial, industrial, tourist, and executive sectors.

At Aerotour, we understand that each client is unique, and we pride ourselves on customizing our services to meet your specific needs. Whether you require helicopter charters or airplane flights, we have you covered. Our extensive fleet and experienced crew ensure a seamless and comfortable travel experience.

With a focus on professionalism and precision, we strive to surpass expectations and create unforgettable journeys for our valued clientele. Experience the unparalleled luxury of helicopter charters and the convenience of airplane flights with Aerotour.

Our Mission

Delivering Unparalleled Excellence in Air Travel Services.

At Aerotour, our commitment is to provide the highest quality of service with an unwavering focus on SAFETY and EFFICIENCY. We strive to exceed customer expectations by ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience with every flight.

Our dedicated team is driven by a deep sense of commitment, ensuring utmost satisfaction and exceptional customer service at every step of the journey.

Our Vision

Elevating Aerial Transport to Unprecedented Heights

To become THE BEST AERIAL TRANSPORT SERVICES COMPANY  on both national and regional fronts. We strive for excellence through continuous improvement, the seamless implementation of cutting-edge practices, and the diversification of integral services within the dynamic aeronautical field.

By setting new standards and exceeding expectations, we aim to redefine the possibilities of aerial transport and provide an unmatched experience for our valued clients.

Our Values

Nurturing Excellence: Unveiling the Pillars of Our Commitment


Our Team

At our company, we take pride in fostering a workforce that is 100% dedicated to safety and customer service. Our pilots, technicians, and operational personnel undergo the most rigorous initial and recurrent training programs, ensuring the delivery of the safest and highest quality service for our customers. This unwavering commitment defines our team, equipped with skilled pilots, diligent technicians, and proficient operational personnel. These meticulous training sessions not only impart cutting-edge skills and knowledge but also strengthen our dedication to ensuring the utmost safety and quality in the services we provide. When you choose to fly with us, rest assured that you are opting for a service prioritizing your safety and satisfaction above all else.

Fly confidently with our team!

Federico Laurencich

Aerotour CEO

ATP Helicopter
Founder of the first Helicopter Pilot School in Costa Rica
Advanced Training Instructor
Helicopter Sales & Consulting