This policy describes the information we collect, how it is used and shared, and your choices regarding this information. When you use the services of WWW.AEROTOUR.COM you are trusting us. For this reason, we are committed to protecting and safeguarding all the personal data that you give us. We watch over the interests of our clients and we are transparent regarding the treatment of your personal data. That starts with helping you understand our privacy practices. This document describes how we use and process your personal data. To better understand what we mean by the different uses used, we recommend you consult the Terms and Conditions of WWW.AEROTOUR.COM
This Privacy Policy applies to any type of information that we collect through our platform or other means connected to this platform (such as, for example, the e-mails you send to our [email protected] service). If you do not agree with our Privacy Policy, you will have to stop using our services. If you agree with our Privacy Policy, everything is ready for you to make your next purchase.
Personal data that you give us.
WWW.AEROTOUR.COM collects and uses the information you provide us. When you place an order, we ask for your name and your e-mail address, we may also ask for your home address, telephone number, payment information and order details as well as any preferences you may have for your order.
If you need to get in touch with our Customer Service team or with us through other means such as social media, we will also collect information from you from these communications. Also, customers may be asked to leave a comment to help other customers find exactly what they are looking for. We will collect the information that you provide in your comments, including user information.
There are also other cases where you provide us with information. For example, if you are browsing from your mobile, you may decide to allow WWW.AEROTOUR.COM to see your current location or have access to your contact information. This will help us provide you with the best possible service and experience. You can also open a user account, which allows you to save your personal settings, view past reservations, plan and manage your next reservations or benefit from other features only available to users with accounts (Flight Schedule Pro).
In addition, you can participate in recommendation programs, and by doing so you will also be proving personal data to us. Apart from this, you can give us your opinion or ask us for help when you are using the services of WWW.AEROTOUR.COM.
Personal data that we collect automatically.
When you visit our website or application, we collect certain information automatically, even if you don’t make a purchase in the end (or if you actually do). This information includes your IP address, the date and time you accessed our services, the hardware, software or internet browser you use, and data about your computer’s operating system, such as application versions and settings. of language. We also collect information about the clicks you make and the pages we have shown you.
If you are using a mobile device, we collect data that identifies your device, its specific settings and features, application crashes, and other system activity. When you make a purchase, our system records information about the media and the web pages from which you have made the purchase or from which you have accessed the WWW.AEROTOUR.COM web page and / or app.
We use the information we collect about you for various reasons. Your personal data can be used in the following ways:
Purchases on the Portal: the first and most important thing is that we use your personal data to complete and manage your order / purchase online. This includes sending communications regarding your purchase, such as confirmations, modifications, and reminders.
Customer Service: We provide Customer Service from our local offices, every day of the week. Sharing your relevant data with our Customer Service staff allows us to give you an answer when you need it. Here it is included from helping you answer any questions you may have about your purchase or any matter that arises in this regard.
Account services: WWW.AEROTOUR.COM users can create a user account on our web pages or apps. We use the information you provide to manage this account so that you can do a lot of useful things. You can manage your purchases, take advantage of our special offers, easily place your next orders and manage your personal settings. Managing your personal settings can allow you to maintain and share lists, easily view the products and services you have made and check other information you have given us in connection with the purchase. On the other hand, it can also allow you to view any comments that you have submitted. If you want, you can share certain information in your user account by creating a public profile that is associated with your name or with the pseudonym of your choice.
Marketing actions: we use your information for marketing activities, such as: using your contact information to send you regular news related to products and services. You can unsubscribe from these email marketing communications easily, quickly and at any time. Just click on the “Unsubscribe” link in each newsletter or other communication. Based on your information, we will personalize the offers that we show you on the WWW.AEROTOUR.COM website and mobile application as well as on the web pages / app (including social networks) of third parties, and the content of the web pages that are shown to you. you can be personalized. These may be offers that are booked directly on the WWW.AEROTOUR.COM website, on co-branded pages, or other offers or third-party products that we think may interest you. We use relevant information to manage the promotional activities (such as referral programs) in which you participate.
Communication with you: There will be other times when we will contact you by email, through postings, by phone, or by text messages. The form of communication that we choose depends on the contact information that you have previously shared with us. We process communications that you send us for a number of reasons, including: Responding to and managing any requests you have. WWW.AEROTOUR.COM also offers customers various forms of information exchange, requests and comments on their offers and current purchases made through WWW.AEROTOUR.COM. If you have not yet completed an online purchase, we may contact you by sending you a reminder to continue with your order. We believe that this additional service benefits you, since it allows you to continue with the purchase without having to search for the product / service or fill in your order details again. When you use our services, we may send you a questionnaire or invite you to give us your opinion about your experience with WWW.AEROTOUR.COM or with the chosen Product / service. We may send you other types of administrative messages, such as security alerts, etc.
Market research: sometimes we ask our clients to take part in market research. We advise you to check what information is provided when you are invited to participate in these studies to find out what personal data is collected and what use is made of it later.
Improvement of our services: we also use personal data to carry out analytical studies. This is part of the work we do to improve our services and the user experience, but it can also be used to carry out tests, solve problems, and improve the functionality and quality of our services. The main objective here is to optimize and customize our online platform to suit your needs, making our website easier and more enjoyable to use. Our intention is to use only dissociated data for these analytical studies.
Customer feedback and other information related to the shopping experience: We will invite you to submit a comment with your opinion. In this invitation we ask you for information about the chosen product or service. Users with accounts can choose to display a comment with a pseudonym instead of their real name (this option can be selected in the same user account). Additionally, users with accounts can choose to display a comment anonymously. By completing a comment, you agree that it will be published (as specifically described in our Terms and Conditions in places such as the information page of each Product or service within our websites, mobile applications, social media accounts or applications This serves to inform other buyers about the quality of the Service or Product that you have used or other experiences that you choose to share.
Call tracking: when you make calls to our customer service, WWW.AEROTOUR.COM uses an automatic number detection system to match your phone number with your current purchases. This helps save time for both you and our customer service staff. Our customer service staff will ask you to identify yourself, to ensure that your purchase details are kept confidential. During calls with our Customer Service team, real-time wiretaps or calls will be recorded for quality control and training purposes, including the use of the recordings for complaint resolution and disease detection purposes. fraud. Not all calls are recorded, and recordings are kept for a limited time and automatically deleted thereafter, unless WWW.AEROTOUR.COM has a legitimate interest in keeping such recordings for a longer period of time in addition to fraud investigation reasons and for other legal reasons.
Promotion of a safe and trustworthy service: to create an environment of trust for you and the collaborating partners of WWW.AEROTOUR.COM, we may use personal data to detect and prevent fraud and other illegal or undesirable activities. Similarly, we will use personal data to assess risks and for security purposes, including verification of users and purchases. For these reasons, we may pause some orders.
Legal reasons: finally, in some cases, we may have to use your information to manage and resolve legal disputes, for investigations and regulatory compliance, to apply the terms of use of the WWW.AEROTOUR.COM online shopping service, or to comply with the legal requirements of the authorities. The communication of your personal data to WWW.AEROTOUR.COM is voluntary. However, depending on the type of service you wish to use, we may only be able to provide this service if we collect certain personal data. For example, we cannot process your purchase order if we do not know your name and your contact information.
With regard to the reasons of the previous sections, WWW.AEROTOUR.COM is based on the legal basis that the processing of personal data is necessary for the execution of a contract, and specifically to finalize and manage your purchase request . If the necessary personal data is not provided, WWW.AEROTOUR.COM cannot finalize the order or provide customer service. In addition, WWW.AEROTOUR.COM is based on its legitimate commercial interests to provide its services, prevent fraud and improve its services. When using personal data in accordance with the legitimate interests of WWW.AEROTOUR.COM or of a third party, WWW.AEROTOUR.COM will always weigh your rights and interests regarding the protection of your personal data against the rights and interests of WWW .AEROTOUR.COM or the third party in question. Also WWW.AEROTOUR.COM is based, if applicable, on compliance with legal obligations (such as requests from the authorities). When necessary as provided in the applicable regulations, WWW.AEROTOUR.COM may your consent before processing your personal data for the purposes of direct marketing campaigns.
If you wish to make inquiries or comments regarding the treatment described, there is no direct exclusion mechanism at your disposal (for example, through the account settings), as necessary, please contact sales@aerotourcr .com.
In some circumstances, we will share your personal data with third parties.
Third Party Service Providers: We use service providers, which are not part of the WWW.AEROTOUR.COM business group, to help us deliver WWW.AEROTOUR.COM services. These service providers offer support services such as:
Customer Support;
Market studies;
Fraud prevention and detection services, including anti-fraud analysis service;
Payment services. We use third parties to process payments, manage charges, or offer collection and billing services. We will share information with the relevant financial institutions, if we consider it strictly necessary to detect or prevent fraud.
Marketing services. We share personal data, including your email address, with advertising partners as part of the marketing of WWW.AEROTOUR.COM services through third parties (to ensure that the ads reach the right audience). We try to share only the email address in encrypted form to allow it to match an existing customer database and thus prevent your email from being used for any other purpose. All service providers are required to continue to protect your personal data.
Competent authorities: we will disclose your personal data to government authorities as long as it is required by law or is strictly necessary for the prevention, detection or prosecution of criminal acts and fraud, or in any other legally mandatory case. We will need to disclose personal data to the competent authorities to protect and defend our rights or properties, or the rights and properties of our collaborating partners.
Collaborating partners: We work with several collaborating partners. These collaborating partners distribute or advertise the services of WWW.AEROTOUR.COM, including the services and products of our Service and Product Providers.
When you make a reservation on one of the web pages or apps of our collaborating partners, some of the data that you provide them, such as your name, your e-mail address, your postal address, your payment information and other relevant information, They will be forwarded to us so that we can finalize and manage your request. If the customer service is managed by the collaborating partner, WWW.AEROTOUR.COM will share the corresponding data of your request with the collaborating partners (as necessary) to provide adequate and efficient assistance. Collaborating partners may receive certain parts of your personal information related to that particular purchase, such as your name and your email address. These will be used for internal purposes (such as analytical purposes) and, if requested, for the management of loyalty programs or marketing.
We have reasonable procedures to prevent unauthorized access to, and misuse of, personal data. We use appropriate business systems and procedures to safeguard the personal data you provide to us. We also use security procedures and technical and physical restrictions to access and use personal data on our servers. Only authorized personnel are allowed to access personal information during the course of their work. We will keep your personal data for as long as we consider necessary to allow you to use our services, to provide our services (including maintaining the online user account (if it has been created)), to comply with applicable legislation, to resolve disputes with other parties and for everything that was necessary for the performance of our activities, including the detection and prevention of fraud or other illegal activities. All personal data that we keep will be subject to this Privacy Policy. If you have any questions about a specific retention period for some types of personal data that we process about you, please contact us using the contact details below.

The services offered by WWW.AEROTOUR.COM are not aimed at people under 18 years of age. For minors under 18 years of age, the use of our service is only possible with the legitimate consent of a parent or guardian and we reserve the right to delete all such information.

When we use your personal data based on your consent, you have the right to revoke such consent at any time subject to applicable regulations. In addition, when we process your personal data based on legitimate interests or public interest, you have the right to object at any time to such use of your personal data in accordance with applicable law. We trust you to ensure that your personal data is correct, complete and up-to-date. We ask you to notify us as soon as possible of any change or correction of said data by contacting us. If you have an online user account, you can access a large part of your personal data through our website and our applications. Our website and applications often offer the option to add, update or delete the information we have about you. If any of the personal data we have about you is not accessible through our website or our applications, you can send us your request at no cost. To make any request regarding this Privacy Policy and exercise any of your rights, or to make a complaint, please contact us by writing to our data protection officer at [email protected] If you wish to object to the processing of your personal data for reasons of your legitimate interests and there is no direct exclusion mechanism at your disposal, please contact [email protected]
WWW.AEROTOUR.COM and its partners use cookies and other identification technologies in our applications, websites, emails, and online advertisements for the purposes described in this policy. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your browser or device by websites, applications, online media, and advertisements. WWW.AEROTOUR.COM uses cookies and similar technologies for purposes such as: User authentication.
Record user preferences and settings.
Determine the popularity of the content.
Delivery and measurement of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
Analyze site traffic and trends, and generally understand online behaviors and interests of people who interact with our services. We may also allow others to provide audience measurement and analytics services to us so that we can serve ads on our behalf across the Internet and track and report on the performance of those ads. These entities may cookies, web beacons, SDKs, and other technologies to identify your device when you visit our site and use our services, as well as when you visit other online sites and services. Contact [email protected] for more information on the use of cookies and other technologies described in this section, including your options related to those technologies.
We may occasionally update this policy.
We may occasionally update this policy. If we make significant changes, we will notify you of the changes through the WWW.AEROTOUR.COM applications or by other means, such as email. To the extent permitted by applicable law, by using our services after such notification, you agree to our updates to this policy.
We recommend that you periodically review this policy for the latest information on our privacy practices. We will also make previous versions of our privacy policies available for your review.