Helicopter charter and flying, in general, offer statistically high safety levels, much safer than driving.

Safety remains our top priority on every flight. Our pilots undergo annual training through the best international programs and boast thousands of hours of experience.

We conduct our business with a strong commitment to safeguarding the health and safety of our employees, clients, visitors, the general public, and the environment.

Our company is founded on a bedrock of experience, rigorous training, robust risk management, and a fleet of high-quality aircraft.

We take great pride in our equipment and uphold uncompromising safety standards. With decades of flight experience and thousands of hours logged in the air, rest assured that we maintain the highest safety standards.

Aerotour, founded in Costa Rica under the leadership of President and CEO Federico Laurencich, holds one of the highest records for training and helicopter flight hours in Costa Rica.

With us, you can enjoy your flight with confidence in your safety.