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We are a certified charter and aerial work company under survailance of the Costa Rican Aeronautical Authority (DGAC) which complies with the standars of ICAO (Internatinal Civil Aviation Organisation).

With Aerotour, you gain access to a comprehensive suite of services encompassing national and international private charter flights and aerial work operations. Our esteemed team of professional pilots, coupled with our diverse fleet of helicopters and airplanes, guarantees a secure and enjoyable journey.


Liberia, Guanacaste Base Operations

AEROTOUR is now opened for business in the Liberia airport area, in the Guanacaste province, Costa Rica.

Guanacaste area is known for its amazing beaches and tourist destinations where the most luxurious and prominent hotels are located.

We are happy to offer now in this amazing area a variety of tours, airport transfers and aerial services. We will be expanding our operations  and services in the area in the coming months. Please follow us in our social media platforms to keep you posted and we will be honored to fly  with you!

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We provide a wide range of aerial services, whether it is a business transfer, a medical emergency flight, aerial filming and photography, or a scenic view tour. Our helicopter and airplane fleet is ready to suit your needs.